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Material Law Theory

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:56 pm

law can only be real when defined with recognition of the absolute and any jurisdiction that is below the absolute in its definition of the word is by proxy “not real”.


Material Law facilitates the acknowledgement of Law in the absolute.

Defining Material Law by The Absolute

“Respect for the Other" is an absolute truth and divine law, being both natural law and positive law. Being universal, it is a measurement, defined as natural law.

Defining the Material as the "Other" in relation to this absolute brings an axiom of truth in which to perceive reasoned movement.

Statement of Law

"Respect for the other is an absolute truth, the material is another."


Perception is defined currently by a polarity of effect between two movements. The first being the movement of nature which is defined by balance and the second is the self which is a projection of reason.

The law in natural architecture can only be defined in the absolute by the acknowledgement of the difference between the self and the material self by which we enact.

This defines movement perceived with recognition of the self in which to realise its relationship as a process of the natural manifestation of the absolute.

The establishment of a balance by justice and equality through the effect of its medium then defines the self in relation to another in which to perceive the Law also in its absolute.

Material Law is defined by the material natures highest point of perceived measurement, which defines the self in its measurement of reason.

Through reasoned learning we have found that Material Law defines the relation of manifestation and the absolute by reasoned movement. Manifestation, perception and reason would not exist otherwise.

The word is defined by perception of the material and experienced by the self and as a point which defines movement.
This is also a creative dynamic defined by the exchange of respect between the self and the material by order of its operation as a natural bridge for reasoned movement by perception of its internal truth.

Other Factors

The application of Material law appropriates “Mediative Law” as an axiom to define natural law and legal positivism.
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