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Law of Numbers

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:27 pm

The law of numbers define THO by internal truth perceived, giving parameters to define reasoned points of perception by reasoned movement and a relation to intersecting parallels for the calculation of movement between one and an other.


Law of Numbers define a balanced bridged of perception in their numeral operation for movement in its reason by perceived internal truth.

Balance can be perceived as the numeral being a point of source for the creative dynamics movement of expression.

The Bridge can be defined by the reasoning of its internal truth as seen in each theory statement to bring reason by relation of another.

Perception is defined by the word name of each numeral.


By defining THO in numerals we can facilitate the expression of reasoned movement defined by Material truth.

The correlation in relation to using the numeral as a first point of perception gives its cycle of expression defined by reason of another.

The Law of numbers is a reasoned cycle pattern defined by natures self, being also described as mother nature and the intuitive process.

0 – Mother

In order to reason, one needs to perceive.

1 – Other

In order to perceive; there needs to be another.

2 – Polarity

The expression of creative force to a receiving and opposing force

3 – Medium

The preserver and reconciling factor between both; the creative and receiving force becoming creative dynamics

4 – Manifestation

The material construct of creative dynamics

5 – Movement

The cognitive perception from one manifested point to the next

6 – Reason

The perception of movement from the expression of a creative dynamic

7 – Perception

The realisation of reason

8 – Truth

Perceived as a gate of the heart

9 – Projection of reason

is creative dynamics manifesting.

10 – One and the other

perceived through a projection of reason
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