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Creative Dynamic Theory

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:34 pm
Creative Dynamic Theory

A creative dynamic defined by its balance and bridge of perception describes points of perception which can be used to define truth and movement.


The basic nature of intelligence, the “dynamics” by which the Universe exists and functions; Its "primal motive force” is the essential constituent of the universe and is at the basis of all the activity of the creation including the reality we perceive.

Philosophically there are three major centres that serve as the fundamental operating principles of universal nature, best symbolised in the form of an equilateral triangle.

The entirety of creation and its process of evolution are carried out by three major centres:

• The active / creative force – Creation
• The receiving / opposing force – Destruction / transformation
• The reconciling / preserving force – Preservation

These three “dynamical attracter states” are reflected in all aspects of life and depending on the point of focus can be perceived in many different ways.

The operation of these three forces define a balance and bridge of perception that define a creative dynamic from its perception to movement defined by balance.

Creative Dynamics in its balance and function

A creative dynamic can be described in two ways.

The first is its “balance point” which can be described as an internal truth.

The second is its function and bridge which defines expression of movement to reason.

Movement of a creative Dynamic

The manifestation of a creative dynamic is an internalised measurement defined by the law of three. This internalised measurement also upholds truth which is defined as its internal truth in which to operate.

The balance point of a creative dynamics manifestation defines its perception by movement of its manifestation.

This first point of process is also defined by perception as the other in relation to a first point of perspective in which to define a creative dynamic by its movement.

The bridge of a creative dynamic again can be defined by the Law of Three as relation too movement defined by the perception of another

The initial point defined as its creative dynamic manifest, being a point of balance perceived, which can then define two perceptions of movement being a movement of expression defined by truth and an expression of polarity defined by its relation to reason.

The second point of process is defined by perception as the movement in which to define a creative dynamic in its movement of internalised expression.

The defined balance and bridge of its perception is a measured truth in relation to movement by reasoned perception of another.

The complex perceived as a balanced truth to define the manifestation and expression of a creative dynamic.
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