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Word Theory

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:37 pm

The current concept of the word is an internalised process of manifestation to reason and now defined as a complex by this perception.

This complex of understanding currently defines our reasoning of the word in its definition and etymology.

We have lost understanding of the concept which underlines our reasoning of etymology and structure.

Language and linguistics were originally, symbol based platforms in which to define movement. By movement; the word has become an internalised process of reason to define truth by the word and has such defined the movement of perception in bridge by relation.

This defining of its internal truth can define movement by relation of perceived truth


This movement of the word can be defined by the law of three as a process in which to define its own internalised truth in movement.

This is a natural manifestation of the word for definition of its internal truth.

It can be seen to be a manifestation to reason by proxy of process perceived and so can be defined in the absolute by recognition of the Language of light as a function set to determine etymology and movement  by relation to its medium.


By defining the word we can establish truth by definition.

The application of the word can be proven to be our bridge for perception and movement defined by nature in its own application of science .

The acknowledgement defines etymology and scripture by relation of movement defined by internalised truth.

Perception of an other defined by THO can be perceived in truth by relation of the word in its nuance by the intersection of creative reasoning defined in other languages.
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