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Mother and Father Theory

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:46 pm
The Self of Mother and Father Perceived through the construct


The theory of mother and father is a system which integrates perception as a medium in which to define balance and movement by truth and function

The understanding of mother and father defines truth and reason by expression in relation to balance with the self as a bridge and medium for its perception.


The material bridge by which we share movement is defined by the intersecting parallel of balance and movement defined as perception

The relationship of balance and perception can be defined by the intersection of light and sound

Sound is a manifestation to reason and by the intersection of light which is a reasoned manifestation, we perceive movement.

Mother is the manifested perception of balance in which to define movement .by reason

Father is the intersecting parallel to balance in which to define movement by perception

Perception is defined as mothers material and fathers expression becoming truth defined by respect for the other

The mother of mother and father is defined as the son being a movement of reason by perception of another

The child is the self in its expression to reason defined by the material self as a point to define the self in dynamic.


The theory gives understanding to defining balance and movement by perception in relation to the upper and lower
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