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Transgression Theory

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:32 pm

The nature of the self has transgressed from its movement of truth by projection to reason.
Therefore the defining of the word in the absolute is a function defined by nature in restoring equilibrium to perception.


The nature of the self has transgressed from its application of defining perception through the use and movement of the word.

By the application of the law of three and the theory of polarity we can define this as true.
This is due to reason of expression of the word in defining its own truth
The medium defined in this polarity of effect is the word by definition of the absolute.

Factors of Research

The word perceived as lost understanding.

The acknowledgement of law in its definition.

The word as originally perceived by symbolic sign based functions defining balance and bridge of perception.

The establishment of science by relation in the etymology of words by symbolic reason

Defining polarity of the word by truth and expression.
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