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Law of Three Theory

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:00 pm
Law of Three Theory  - facilitates the acknowledgement of the 3 stages of interaction which define the manifestation of a creative dynamic


The law of three is a system which defines three stages of interaction in the manifestation of a creative dynamic


The principal element of learned perception can be related to the ‘law of three’ which is the basis for all reasoned understanding and describes the process of all interaction, revealing the forces necessary for creation.

The three points of observation are:

1. Creative force which is perceived as active force

2. Force of Receiving and Opposing

3. Force of Reconciling and Preserving

The three forces can be understood by a simple line.

1. The dot or point of origin from which the line started would be the creative force; with active force projected form the artist.

2. The point at which the line ends would be the receiving force, with the opposing force being the artist’s projection to stop the line.

3. The line itself is the preserver and reconciling factor of force between both creative force and receiving force.

If you were to think of the line as a creation; there are three forces involved, which all come into play in balance in order for the line to be created as such.

This dynamic factor plays in all levels of the movement of creation.


We reason these dynamic factors by way of cyclical events leading to the dimension of time as a science and perception; like the seasons in a year or the birth of a child.
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