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Language of Light Theory

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:31 pm

The language of light is defined by THO.

Light is defined as a "measurement of the self to reason by bridged balance"

The language of light define THO by internal truth perceived, giving parameters to define reasoned points of perception by reasoned movement and a relation to intersecting parallels for the calculation of movement between one and an other.


The Language of light defines a balanced bridged of perception of the letter in its operation for defining movement by polarity to reason for expression of movement by perceived internal truth.

Balance can be perceived as the letter being a point of source for the creative dynamics movement of expression.

The Bridge can be defined by the reasoning of its internal truth as seen in each theory statement to bring reason by relation of another.

Perception is defined by the word name of each letter.

Each letter is perceived by its sound.


The language of light defines sound to reason by bridging perception; then defined by the word.

This process is seen as constructive sound and constructive light perceived as constructive perception .

This process of sound and light to perception is a correlation of THO which defines movement by the absolute

Language of Light

This Alphabet is based on the 26 letter Complex.

The Language of Light is scientific and designed for movement; it does not define opinion. Each letter is predefined by its balance and bridge.

Other Applications

The alphabet can be used for scribal work.
It can be used to read scripture.
It can be used to understand language and linguistics.
Defines root meanings of words.

A for Highest Point

It is used to define points of perception
It can relate to internalised measurement or route of expression

B for Heart

It is used to define truth

C for Projection

It is used to define projection of movement after the measurement of a perceived polarity towards an intersecting parallel of unity
It defines manifestation from a perceived point

D for Dream

Defined as an internalised measurement to define truth
Movement stops through a dream process based on function

E for Creative Dynamics

Defined as perception of 3 points perceived in measurement and defined creative force, its polarity and its medium

F for Intersecting Parallel

Is a defined point of intersection in relation to movement
It can define reason for exchange through perception.

G for Gate

Defined as a point of reason in which to move through

H for Bridge

Defined as a balance for projection between one point and another

I for Self

The perceived reflection of a creative dynamic
The reflection is for the perception of the dynamic to become defined by its own manifestation

J for Ascension

Defined as a movement of reason defined by a measurement of truth in movement to the absolute

K for Polarity

Polarity is defined as the maximum expression of movement manifested from a single point

L for Measurement

A process of defined movement to completion by way of perception for definition of balance and bridge

M for Mother

Defined as materials perception of a balance and bridge for the reasoning of movement

N for Other

Defined as creative force
It is the 1st point defined in a creative dynamic and its process of perception

O for Perception

A balanced bridge of reason between one and another defined by the self

P for Upper

The upper relates to points of truth defined by movement in which to reason towards the absolute being a point in which to define the upper by

Q for Projection from the Upper

Defined as a cue to reason from the upper projecting reasoned cyclical dynamics towards truth

R for To See Over

Defined as an obstacle to perception in which to define

S for Movement

A projection from a point with no defined point of polarity

T for Balance

Used as a point in which to define perception

U for Jar

Highest point of reason in which to define
Defined as containment of perception

V for Division

A perceived division

W for Constructive Sound

A projection of sound to definition through movement of perception in containment in which to reason over by definition as another through internalised measurement

X for Axis

A point perceiving the intersection of the polarity of two creative dynamics in movement

Y for Choice

The projection of a bridge through perception of the self in the projection of soul

Z for Constructive Light

The projection to measurement of the self to reason through balanced choice
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